Happy kids eating ice cream

5 Child-Friendly Restaurants in Plano, Texas

As parents, we all understand how important it is to try new things with our children because it allows for more quality time. One of the best ways to do so is by trying different restaurants. Not only is going to new restaurants a fun pastime and great relationship builder, it also teaches your child how to act in different social settings, helps develop their social skills, and teaches them proper restaurant etiquette. Before you venture into a new spot, it’s important that you make sure that the restaurant you’re going to is child-friendly.

Here are 5 child-friendly restaurants you can take your child to near the Dallas and Plano area!

1.Paciugo Gelato and Caffe, 7201 N Central Expressway Plano, TX 75025

If your child loves ice cream but you want to watch their caloric intakes, Paciugo Gelato and Caffe is a great alternative. Although it might sound surprising, gelato is healthier and slightly more flavorful than actual ice cream. With inexpensive prices at Paciugo, you also get a bigger bang for your buck and way more options!

2. Hat Creek Burger Company, 3321 S Custer Rd McKinney, TX 75070

With several different locations throughout Dallas, Hat Creek Burger Company is a great restaurant with a family-friendly environment. Although they are known for their juicy burgers, the Hat Creek Burger Company stands out from most burger joints because of their distinctive Texas touch. The restaurant also offers an outside play area where parents can watch their children play for free while they’re enjoying a delicious meal!

3. Red Truck Café, 910 W Parker Rd #101, Plano, TX 75075

If you love home-style breakfast and want a more intimate environment, the Red Truck Café is the best option for you. This restaurant is the go-to spot for a cozy meal at a reasonable price. It’s open every day from 5:30 am to 2:30pm, and your child will love their delicious breakfast options.

4. Ferrari’s Pizzeria, 3949 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75023

Located in the shopping plaza off Legacy Drive and Coti Road, Ferrari’s Pizzeria is a family-owned restaurant that serves authentic New York style pizza. The restaurant offers a wide range of options from pizzas, calzones, stromboli, pastas, salads, desserts, and many more!

5. Regeneration Arcade, 17721 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75287

Located in the heart of Dallas, the Regeneration Arcade Bar and Pizzeria is a family-friendly environment that combines both the pleasures of a delicious pizzeria and a fun arcade. The pizzeria serves authentic Italian style gourmet pizzas at great prices. The arcade also offers a wide variety of games, including favorites from the 80’s and the 90’s.

At Parker-Chase

At Parker-Chase, we encourage our parents to put extra time aside to spend time with their children outside of the house. We believe that children are just like adults and they need time to adjust to new people and different social situations. Eating out at kid-friendly restaurants in the Plano-Dallas area is a great opportunity to teach children valuable life skills such as learning proper eating etiquette, creating good first impressions, and using polite manners.