Infants at Parker-Chase blossom under gentle, loving, attentive, and emotionally responsive care provided by early childhood educators trained to meet the emotional and developmental needs of our youngest children.  Teachers communicate with parents in both written and oral form, keeping parents fully informed about their child’s day and insuring optimal consistency between the home and school environment.  Each child is treasured as a unique individual on his/her own journey of growth and development.  Working at a ratio of one teacher to four, teachers form a close partnership with parents to effectively individualize care.


Infant care is completely individualized.  Our teachers work closely with the parents to understand family preferences for their infant care and incorporate key home routines into our classroom.  We work closely with parents to communicate daily events and changes in the baby’s schedule, health, development, and mood.  It is important for us to ensure that parents are comfortable with the care of their children under our care, so we selectively tailor our program to each family’s preferences.  Infants are provided a stimulating environment with lots of interaction time in teachers’ laps, on the floor, playing with people and toys, or outside enjoying age appropriate activities.  We respond as quickly as possible to cries for assistance as well as smiles and laughter.  The goal is to establish the loving, supportive, responsive relationships that all babies need for their intellectual, social, and physical development.

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