Meet the Teachers: Samantha

Samantha Scott is the Infant Curriculum Coordinator at our West Cobb campus. A passionate educator who loves children, Samantha has been with Parker-Chase for five years. It’s a job she loves and says she is meant for.

“I’ve always loved kids and knew that I wanted to work with them, especially younger children,” Samantha says. “Working with infants has always felt like something I was led to do.”

During her time with Parker-Chase, Samantha has become a leader in her role as the Infant Curriculum Coordinator, and she inspires other teachers with her dedication to early childhood education and commitment to seeing every child prosper.  Samantha is an example of how Parker-Chase provides newer teachers with experienced mentors who share their passion and knowledge for teaching so that all our teachers can become caring nurturers and great educators.

“It’s nice now to be able to help lead and teach my teachers to then be better leaders for their students,” Samantha says. “And I get to hug and love on babies all day, so that’s a plus!”

Watch the video below to meet Samantha!