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Traveling with Toddlers During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches,  the stress of traveling is inevitable. Traveling alone can be nerve-racking but traveling with toddlers takes that stress to another level. The best way to get through a trip with your little ones with as little stress as possible is to be prepared. Here are some tips to help you […]

The Benefits of Raising a Pet

Has your child ever tried to convince you to get them a pet? As parents, especially when limited on time, we might resist because of the additional responsibilities and headaches a pet can cause. However, what may seem like headaches and havoc for most parents can turn out to be a great opportunity for children […]

5 Child-Friendly Restaurants in Plano, Texas

As parents, we all understand how important it is to try new things with our children because it allows for more quality time. One of the best ways to do so is by trying different restaurants. Not only is going to new restaurants a fun pastime and great relationship builder, it also teaches your child […]

Things to Consider When Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

As parents, it’s important to know that if you have more than one child, sibling rivalry is always almost inevitable. It’s normal for families to have problems because no family is perfect. The best thing to do when your children are fighting is to stay calm and neutral, minimize your yelling, avoid favoritism, encourage communication […]

4 Tips To Establish A More Active Lifestyle With Your Children

Whether you’re an adult or a child, it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle. Exercise helps us release the stress and tension that we face in our daily lives. An active lifestyle has many benefits such as improving both your physical and mental health, alleviating the symptoms of certain mental illnesses, and furthering mental development. […]

Sharing With Others

“Sharing is caring,” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot for new parents trying to teach their children how to share. Does that mean a child who doesn’t like the idea of sharing doesn’t care about others and will grow up to be selfish? Not necessarily. It probably means you have a young […]

Social Skills for Preschoolers

Social skills are important for a child’s healthy development, but they don’t always come naturally. As parents, we need to foster and guide their growth, so your child can reach their fullest potential in life. The best way to teach your child social skills is by modeling them whenever possible. Here are a few topics […]

The “Do It Now” Approach

Procrastinating is a natural part of development for some children. Though it’s not the best quality to have, you should expect it as a parent and be ready to help your child grow out of it. Getting children to stop procrastinating is not always easy, but teaching your child the “Do it now” approach can […]

Dealing With Nightmares

Nightmares are not pleasant, but we have them sometimes. Perhaps something was on our mind before going to bed, or we remembered a scene from a scary movie. Whatever the cause, nightmares are only our imagination. However, they can seem very real for children. It can be harder for children to cope after having one. […]