5 Advantages of Hand-Me-Downs

Although it’s nice to make each child feel special with a brand new toy or a new set of clothes, there are many benefits to hand-me-downs! Certain items are extremely easy to pass on from child to child. Whether you are the recipient or the donor of hand-me-downs, there are a variety of benefits and life lessons that are associated with passing on treasures from one child to another:

  1. Children outgrow clothes fast.

    One way to avoid spending money on new outfits every few months for your child is by accepting hand-me-downs. On the flip side, one way to prevent your child’s clothes from going to waste is by saving them to hand them down to your next child, or giving them to a younger relative, neighbor, or your favorite charity.

  2. Kids go through toys just as fast as they outgrow clothes.

    Children quickly get tired of things! One way to keep things fresh, and prevent yourself from overspending on new children’s toys all the time, is to welcome hand-me-downs from others or use the ones you have saved from your older children.

  3. Books never go out of style.

    Your children may outgrow the books as they move on to higher reading levels, but this doesn’t mean that you should throw them away. Books can easily be passed on. And what a special gift it is to pass on the joy of reading from one child to another! If you don’t know anyone that could benefit from your child’s used books, you also have the option of donating them to a local library or bookmobile.

  4. Hand-me-downs will help your child grow to appreciate the value of things in life.

    Being the contributor, or even the recipient, of a hand-me-down provides a valuable lesson in sharing for your child. Encourage your child to help sort through their belongings for items that can be donated and shared. Be sure to use the opportunity to discuss the significance of giving to others!

  5. Hand-me-downs also help your child become more environmentally conscious.

    By giving away old toys and clothes instead of throwing them away, you can teach your child the importance of sustainability. In giving items to others, you are encouraging reuse. In accepting hand-me-downs from others, you are using less “stuff.” These are valuable lessons for your child that encourage a sustainable lifestyle and teach your child how to respect the environment.

At Parker-Chase Preschool, we teach children the importance of sharing, empathizing and caring for others. Learning to share and donate your belongings to others is a valuable way to instill feelings of self-worth in each child, and help to support the development of a more well-rounded individual.

Preparing dinner

10 Superfoods for Preschool Kids and Toddlers

A healthy diet lays the foundation for a healthier child. Toddlers and children in preschool have such small tummies, so it’s important to pack every mouthful with as much vitamins and nutrients as possible. While candies, chips, and cupcakes are sure to worm their way into your child’s mouth, there are several nutrient-rich foods that are excellent choices for a healthier diet.

These 10 superfoods are perfect for preschool kids and toddlers:

  1. Eggs –

    Naturally rich in vitamin D, eggs are a great source of protein. Eating a breakfast that contains protein makes preschool kids and toddlers feel satisfied longer, easing the mid-morning hunger pains and helping them stay focused.

  2. Oats – 

    High in fiber and digested slowly, oats provide preschool kids and toddlers with a steadier stream of energy throughout the day. Whole oats are generally better than the instant packets, which tend to contain more sugar.

  3. Broccoli –

    A great immune system booster, broccoli contains vitamins A and C. Broccoli florets are a great finger food! Kids may be more excited to eat them after you tell them that they’re “little trees,” and dip them in ranch or their favorite dipping sauce.

  4. Berries –

    Filled with antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals, berries are naturally sweet, which children tend to love! They are also a good source of fiber. Another great finger food, berries can be eaten as a snack on the go or as a dessert.

  5. Nuts

    Loaded with healthy fats which are necessary for heart health, growth and development, nuts can be a great choice for children. If your child is not a big fan of nuts by themselves, you can try various nut butters, such as almond butter or walnut butter. Spread them on a piece of whole grain toast or even add them into a smoothie!

  6. Milk –

    Full of protein and calcium, milk gives preschool kids and toddlers strong bones and healthy teeth.

  7. Fish –

    Certain types of fish, such as salmon, are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for heart health and known for boosting brain development in children and adults.

  8. Carrots –

    Orange vegetables and fruits provide boosts of vitamins A and C, potassium, and lycopene (a cancer-preventative antioxidant). Carrots are great for growing kids because they are rich in beta-carotene, necessary for good eye health/vision, the growth of bones, skin and nails.

  9. Low-Fat Greek Yogurt –

    Yogurt contains healthy bacteria, protein, and calcium. Many of the “kid-friendly” varieties contain a lot of added sugars and fruit puree. Stick with a low-fat Greek yogurt and add honey or fresh fruits at home to give it that sweet flavor.

  10. Beans and Lentils –

    Full of soluble fiber, beans and lentils promote gut and heart health. Black beans are also a great source of protein and calcium.

Taking Care of Children and Nutrition at Parker Chase Preschool

At Parker-Chase Preschool, we know that good health and nutrition help build stronger, happier students. We offer daily chef-prepared meals and healthy snacks. Each meal is prepared with fresh ingredients. Our menu follows a different theme each week, so preschool kids and toddlers get excited about eating. A typical meal at Parker-Chase includes several superfoods, ensuring each child receives a well-rounded diet. A great example of a Parker-Chase lunch is fish stars with roasted plantains, corn with black beans, and a mixed fruit cup all prepared by our chef. An afternoon snack at Parker-Chase would include fresh veggies, graham crackers, cheese, or hummus.

Friendly Bathroom

5 Tips to Make Your Bathroom a Kid-Friendly Space

In daycares and preschools, the bathrooms are designed specifically to make it as easy as possible for toddlers and young children to use. Extra care is taken at daycares and preschools to make sure that toilets are lower to the ground, and sinks are within a child’s reach. Although it probably wouldn’t be practical for your family to install all new toilets and sinks in your house, there are plenty of other ways you can make your bathroom a more kid-friendly space.

Draw inspiration from daycares and preschools when designing your bathroom. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Get a small stool.

    This should be your first priority when creating your kid-friendly bathroom. A small step stool will make it so much easier for your toddler or preschool child to reach the sink and bathroom counters.

  2. Hang things within their reach.

    Towel hooks or towel bars are typically placed too high up for young children to reach. Make sure that you find a spot low enough, such as the lower part of the inside of the bathroom door, where your child can grab a towel with no problems.

  3. Give them their own toothbrush holder.

    Toddlers and preschoolers love the small things that are made just for them. By giving them a separate toothbrush holder in their favorite color or theme, it might encourage them to brush their teeth.

  4. A cute and durable rug.

    You don’t want your child slipping on the wet floor on their way out of the bathtub. A tightly woven rug with a fun design is perfect for the bathroom because they provide durability and breathability.

  5. Don’t be stingy with shower toys.

    The fun of bath time comes in the form of rubber duckies and colorful sea creatures. Stock up on those and keep them in a storage container separate from the cleaning gear.

At Parker-Chase Preschool, we know that when children are comfortable at school, they can reach their highest potential! Our bathrooms are just one way that we try our best to create a supportive environment that fosters a sense of self-confidence and belonging. Parker-Chase Preschool offers “little potties” and sinks that are low to the ground and ideal for any daycare or preschool. The soap dispensers are also placed within a child’s reach, making the bathroom experience for toddlers and preschoolers a breeze, so they can quickly get back to learning!