Who We Are

Parker-Chase Preschool strives to instill in each child a feeling of self-worth and a love for learning.  This is achieved through a broad curriculum, opportunities for self-responsibility, development of social relationships, and a personalized approach to the teaching/learning process.  Here, learning is an active experience.

Parker-Chase looks at children developmentally.  This means that we are more interested in what a child can do than in the child’s age.  We see each child as an individual and endeavor to place the child where he or she will not be bored, not overwhelmed, but comfortably challenged.


We are concerned with the worth and the potential of each individual.  Parker-Chase is dedicated specifically to excellence in advancing the developmental education of children.  Our low staff/child ratio assures that each child receives the individual attention he or she deserves.  The staff-child relationship is paramount in the personalized environment which enhances the development of each child.  Hard work by knowledgeable, experienced and caring teachers is vital and we are proud of our dedicated staff.

We offer a warm and supportive environment that fosters interest, enthusiasm, individualism, self-confidence, and a sense of belonging.  Above all, Parker-Chase develops an attitude that learning is fun and full of exciting discoveries.  Parker-Chase focuses on the child as an individual in terms of his potential to grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Parker-Chase provides “home-cooked” balanced and nutritious meals and snacks for each child.  Our meals are served family-style and self-help skills and manners are emphasized in a family-like setting.

Interaction between Parker-Chase and parents is another strength of our school.  We have a strong partnership with our involved parents, including our active Parent Organization.  We also stress open communication between Parker-Chase and parents.  One of the singular advantages of our school is parents who value their child’s experiences.  In this environment, our efforts begun at Parker-Chase are supported and continued at home, and the nurturing that is begun at home is maintained by us.  The child is the clear winner!

We understand that choosing the best early education and care program is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.  At Parker-Chase, we feel it is essential that your child feels safe, secure, loved and—most important—that he or she has fun.  We are very committed to providing your child with an enriched learning environment that encourages social and emotional growth, and promotes a strong educational foundation for the future.