Your child’s future starts here!

Parker-Chase teachers provide children with a positive, non-pressured, non-judgmental school environment.  They are experts in the following areas:  art, science, language, music, math, play environments, brain development and child development.  At Parker-Chase, we base our curriculum, planning, and activities on:

  • Knowledge of the stages that all children go through and recognition of where each child is developmentally within these stages.
  • Identifying individual children’s strengths, interests, and needs.  This requires copious anecdotal records by the teachers.
  • Knowledge of the social and cultural context of the children.  This requires healthy, on-going relationships with the parents and family of the child.  We want parents to know they are welcome to spend time with us as often as they like.  Let us get to know you!  We want you to look around your child’s classroom, know what your child is doing, ask questions, talk with the teachers, exchange information, follow through with ideas from the school at home, stay involved.  Share your culture, traditions and areas of expertise with the children and teachers!
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