Parker Chase – East Cobb Campus

Parker-Chase Preschool of East Cobb-Johnson Ferry

Discover the exceptional educational programs and high-quality childcare that set us apart from traditional daycare centers and other private schools at Parker-Chase Preschool of East Cobb-Johnson Ferry. With an advanced curriculum designed to challenge children to strive for excellence, our dedicated staff provides research-based and individualized education, ensuring that each student thrives with us from infancy through preschool.

Our campus is equipped with quality learning tools, technology and safe play areas, so that your child may learn and grow at their own pace. We believe that a positive, welcoming learning environment helps children to flourish. Our classrooms are bright, colorful and filled with student-made artwork, aiming to boost their creativity and imagination.

Parents receive daily reports on their child’s progress and are able to view their progression through our security-protected live-stream. We pride ourselves on the well-being of our students and are dedicated to ensuring their safety.

At our East Cobb campus, we offer a before/after-school Program for children up to 12 years of age. Students are able to complete their school work as well as engage in extracurricular activities with fellow students in a supervised setting.

We invite you to visit our school today and learn more about what makes us so special.

Our East Cobb campus is located 25 minutes west of our East Roswell campus. Learn more about the East Cobb Community.