We know that toddlers are sensorimotor learners (Piaget)—using all their senses, moving their bodies, and manipulating objects to find out about the world around them.  They are transitioning from the utter dependence of infancy to the more mobile, independent world of preschoolers.  They are learning in leaps and bounds how to communicate, move purposefully and assert their individuality.  Toddlers need to pursue their quest for independence and our teachers are there to lend a helping hand when needed.


Toddlers can choose between many interesting activities that keep them busy and happy throughout the day.  Teachers in the toddler classrooms allow the children to try new things for themselves, only stepping in to help as the need arises.  One of our primary areas of focus is aiding our young children to learn how to express themselves and communicate with adults and other children.  Often, teachers will assist the development of the children’s vocabulary by helping them put words to feelings and needs, supplying them with a rudimentary vocabulary even if they still cannot product clear words.  Good, responsive and respectful relationships are key to achieving important toddler developmental milestones.

At Parker-Chase Preschool, our teachers introduce routines and offer positive guidance to help give our toddlers the confidence to practice new skills and embrace new experiences.  Weekly, theme-based curriculum meets the diverse needs of every child through an ever-changing variety of activities and materials.  This consistent-yet-changing atmosphere matches your child’s rapidly emerging interests and abilities, and offers many opportunities for early reading, math, science, construction and imaginative play learning experiences.

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