5 Children’s Books Set in Georgia That Parents Will Enjoy, Too


With a deep history, diverse population, and varied topography, Georgia has been the setting of many books, including some of the best-known classics in American literature. With such a rich literary status, it’s no surprise that many children’s books take place in the Peach State.

With September being National Literacy Month, we took the opportunity to compile a list of children’s books that take place in Georgia, one of Parker-Chase Preschools’ two home states (We’ll make a list for Texas, soon!). We found books ranging from delightful fiction to captivating biographies and everything in between. Check out the list below and find a book you and your child would like to read together for National Literacy Month! Each book is appropriate for children of all ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, pre-kindergarteners, and school-age children.


Georgia Music

by Helen V. Griffith

This book tells a bittersweet tale about a young girl’s bond with her grandfather. During the summer, her mother takes her to visit her grandfather in Georgia for the first time. While there, they grow close while working in his garden and, as the title suggests, play music together. The story then turns bittersweet when the grandfather becomes ill and must leave his home to live with his daughter and granddaughter in Baltimore. But the grandfather misses his Georgia home. Wanting to cheer him up, the girl recreates the feeling of his home through music. Published in 1986, The New York Times published a glowing review of Georgia Music at the time, describing it as “a book to treasure.”


And the Tide Comes In… : Exploring a Georgia Salt Marsh

By Merryl Alber

Written by Dr. Merryl Alber, a marine science professor at the University of Georgia, And Tide Comes In tells the story of two girls who explore the wonders of a Georgia salt marsh. Rich in information and illustration, the book fosters an appreciation for salt marshes and underscores their significance in the broader environmental context. This book is an excellent way for children to learn about Georgia’s unique natural habitats.


Draw What You See: The Life and Art of Benny Andrews

By Kathleen Benson

Benny Andrews was born and raised in rural Georgia to a sharecropper family. Despite his humble upbringing, he grew up to become one of the country’s most important visual artists whose work is considered to be a significant part of the Civil Rights era. In Draw What You See, children learn about Andrews’ life and how he overcame obstacles to pursue his artistic dreams and eventually realize his goals. Readers will also see some of Andrews’ work in the book, which Andrews himself illustrated.


The Life and Times of the Peanut

By Charles Micucci

Among Georgia’s most famous exports, the peanut is right up there with Outkast. And The Life and Times of the Peanut by Charles Micucci provides an in-depth look into the history, cultivation, and uses of Georgia’s legendary legume. With its fascinating mix of scientific facts, history, and trivia about peanuts, parents will love reading this book with their children.


Deep in the Swamp

By Donna M. Bateman

Set in the Okefenokee Swamp, this rhyming and counting book teaches children about the wide range of animals living in the storied wetlands. Bateman’s rhyming prose was set to zydeco-style music by musician Amy Miles, which helps for a fun read-and-sing-along activity.


We hope you enjoy these books. Happy National Literacy Month!